What happens if my child can’t sit still for a session? 

We are experienced in working with children with a variety of needs. We modify our sessions so they respects each individual child’s way of learning. We ensure our sessions are fun and motivating and incorporate your child’s own interests. 

Do I need to prepare anything for my therapist visits? 

We work flexibly to fit your family, and we don’t have any expectations regarding the preparation for sessions. We just ask that you provide our therapist with a safe and healthy home environment for their visits. 

Do I need to be present for sessions? 

We ask parents to be present and engaged in sessions to ensure they get the most from our visits. We aim to upskill and empower parents to be able to use strategies shown in sessions at home to get the most from their therapy program. 

How long will my child need therapy for? 

Our therapy programs are individually tailored, and we work with children with a range of needs. Some may have a NDIS plan which covers an annual therapy service whereas other clients may be self funding or using a limited funding source. You can talk to your therapist at any point during your therapy program to discuss the frequency of intervention. We just ask that you give us two weeks notice to terminate services with us if you have been having a regular therapy slot.   

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