We can assess your child to identify if there is a need for therapy support using informal or formal assessment methods. We can provide verbal feedback from an assessment or a written report at an additional cost. An assessment session is usually an hour but may be modified according to your child’s needs and the type of assessment required.

Therapy Sessions 

Therapy sessions are usually one hour long however, this can be adjusted if required. Therapy sessions are followed up with a session report for your records.

Travel and Telehealth

We can travel within the inner west area of Sydney or provide telehealth services. Travel charges may apply, and the travel fee will be agreed upon with the client before the session. Travel fees are calculated using the standard hourly rate with a maximum travel time of 30 minutes. 

Report Writing

We can provide reports for a variety of reasons, including health assessments, school admissions, and NDIS services as required. Our non face-to-face time is charged at the same hourly rate as our face-to-face time. You can discuss your individual report needs with your therapist at any point during your therapy program. 


Medicare, private health Insurance and self-managed or plan-managed NDIS.

We offer a range of options to suit your funding requirements, please get in touch to discuss.

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Who can we help?

We can assist children with a broad range of communication challenges, including the following:

  • Children with additional needs 
  • Children with speech or language difficulties 
  • Children who need support implementing an AAC system  
  • Children with feeding difficulties 
  • Children with social communication difficulties
  • Speech Pathologists requiring supervision